Ashford Borough Council Yearbook

The Council Year Book is published annually and includes information such as the Council’s Political Composition, Councillor contact information, County Councillor contact information and Borough statistics. The Year Book is split into three sections, Council Information, Borough Information and General Information, and can be viewed by clicking on the PDFs below: Visit Site

The Kent and Medway Public Health Observatory

The Kent and Medway Public Health Observatory provides public health intelligence and library support to the NHS and local Government organisations. Visit Site

Natural England’s MAGIC database

MAGIC is Natural England’s main mechanism for sharing geographic information about the natural environment. The interactive mapping website has been amalgamated with Nature on the Map, offering the user greater functionality and a single site where they can access mapped information covering the rural, urban, coastal and marine environments of Great Britain. Visit Site

KCC Interactive Map

Interactive map of Kent, centred on Kennington. Select layers to see required features. Visit Site

Planning Practice Guidance

Welcome to the home of the National Planning Policy Framework for England and supporting national planning practice guidance. This Beta site has now closed for public testing and comment, but the draft guidance material is still available. We are currently considering the comments we have received. Existing guidance will not be cancelled until the new […]

Ask The Police

The Police National Legal Database (PNLD) is wholly owned by the West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner and is under the day to day control of his office. The FAQ database is intended to reduce the number of non-emergency calls to police forces by providing the answers direct to the public via the Internet. The […]

Neighbourhood Statistics Website

The Neighbourhood Statistics Website is a free to access online data resource. It contains datasets that describe the characteristics of a neighbourhood, with a particular focus on deprivation. The website includes results from the 2011 Census. Visit Site