Memorial Shelter Restoration 2: Phase 1

11 January 2010

Work starts to repair the roof of the Kennington Memorial Shelter in the Garden of Remembrance, Ulley Road

Photos by Anthony Baines  




Removing the old cedar shingles

Repairs to the oak frame and roof boards, together with overall management of the work, by Anthony Hicks Ltd.

 Roof coverings including shingling by Karl Terry Ltd.


Missing spindles replaced


and graffiti sanded off


Anthony Baines comments: “This photo is actually a blend of 5 different exposures (from very light to very dark) to try to squash all the tones into the range that can be represented in an 8 bit jpg file “  

Roof boards repaired with new oak


Two residents of Kennington enjoying the sunshine



Photos above and below by Chris Morley Photos above and below by Graham Stevens
 The roof nearing completion in early March 2010, and completed a few days later.

Photographed from an unusual angle by Anthony Baines




Detail, below,  of the leadwork to the ridge and hips