War Memorials and Garden Of Remembrance

The Memorial Shelter in the Kennington Garden of Remembrance commemorates the 22 people of Kennington who lost their lives in the Second World War. Paid for by donations from many individuals and local organisations, it was completed in 1950.

The roof is constructed from oak boards overlaid with over 1000 cedar shingles. In spite of freezing temperatures and a covering of snow, work on restoration of the roof started on 11 January 2010, and was completed on 17 March.

Unfortunately, materials were stolen from the new roof and further work was needed. After consultation with War Memorials Trust, this was completed on 12 November 2010.

In July 2011 we were awarded a further grant through the War Memorials Trust / English Heritage scheme for war memorials, and, with funding from other sources already secured, we are now in a position to contract the next stage of restoration. This includes reinstatement of the two key features of the original Shelter which have decayed and been removed over time: the bench seat inside the Shelter, and the baluster to the rear and sides.

We are fortunate to have located the original designs in ABC’s Planning Department. The bench seat and baluster will both be manufactured from kiln-dried oak to match the existing structure. We will also make minor repairs to the brick plinth, using lime mortar.

In September 2011 we were awarded a grant from Waitrose’s “Community Matters” scheme and this will be used towards restoring the Garden of Remembrance to a more fitting state. Some work to clear the borders has already started.

You can see more details at  Your Kent TV, and images of work in progress on our Gallery pages.

You can e-mail or write to: Memorial Shelter Restoration Project, Kennington Community Forum, 47 Broadhurst Drive, Kennington, Ashford, Kent TN24 9RQ